Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prince Harry Naked Photos: Supporters Strip Down to Support Their Prince

Prince Harry's loyal subjects are ready to show their whole body of support.

Prince Harry's Supporters

A Facebook group has popped up to rally behind the party prince in the wake of his naked-photos scandal, with members stripping down to give props to the embattled royal.

The group, called "Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!", shows its members (mostly) standing at attention to salute to the prince while cupping their own crown jewels.

And those members sure know how to, ahem, stand up! The gung-ho and fast-growing group
currently has close to 14,000 members, with many posting all sorts of cheeky pics that pay homage to Harry's strip-happy debauchery.

The group's founder originally envisioned it as a hub for military men to drop trou and salute the prince, but the page has now taken a more inclusive approach and is soliciting pics from anyone.

The guidelines are pretty straightforward: "Please cover your crown jewels, tag yourself in your photo as proof of your support to the nations favourite Royal!"

Prince Harry's naked Vegas romp:

Anatomy of a royal scandal and how Supporters have answered the call of duty, using everything from (NSFW alert!) bananas to Union Jacks to socks to heavy artillery to kitchen condiments to, well, anything else you can think of to keep those privates private.

So let's give a, er, hand to Harry, shall we? The royal sure knows how to command a devoted following.


  1. Eustacia Hause

    Liable! (Culpable) of converting: "Passion, love(amor) into "Love"
    Also, (tambien): 'Mi amor'{my love}, Harry!

    Liable! (Culpable) of 'convincing' (convecer)
    our/impossible/sharing 'love'! Harry!

    Take me out of that mess (Sacame de ese lio)! Harry.
    "It Stays(.com)!" (Se queda(.com.)) !Plausible Powerful!

    "ObamaCare"! "Breast mommogram" and "prostate mommogram".

    "Obama/Harry STYLE"!

    Eustacia Hause
    Jacksonville, FL


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