Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zac Efron Channels James Dean for New Denim Fashion Campaign

This new ad campaign really speaks to us. What does it say? Thanks for asking: Heyyy gurl. Don't be fooled by the feverishly groomed eyebrows and my pitch-perfect background in musical theater. I'm Zac Efron and I am a dirty, dirty boy. I just want to love you, girl. In the back of this here...what is this, a car? A pickup? I don't even know, gurl. And I don't need to know, because when we're making sweet, sweet love in the back of this vehicle, you will not care whether you are screaming on top of a diesel engine or whatever this is. Just make sure you cheat to the light. Because this is a photo shoot for my brand-new denim sponsor, John John Denim. And if you're wondering if John John is slang for some sort of sexual act in the back of a vehicle, again, gurl, I have no idea. Maybe. Heh. That would be totally funny. Anyhoo, this clothing line—it's got, like, distressed tanks and vintage-lookin' tees and slouchy caps that make me look like David Beckham. That is, if he had awesome eyebrows like me. Which he so does not.

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