Monday, September 24, 2012

Joke Extra: Part Two


Three Friends went to China for vacation. Since they were new at the place, they had to stay in a hotel. They ended up being on the 60th floor. The policy of the hotel was that, at midnight, the elevator is shut down.

The next day, the friends rented a car and explored the city. They enjoyed themselves and arrived at the hotel pass midnight. The elevators had been shut down. There was no other way to get to their room than to take the stairs all the way to the 60th floor.

The 1st friend said;
for the 1st 20 floors, i'll tell jokes to keep us going. (pointing to the 2nd friend) you'll say wise stories for the next 20 floors and you'll (pointingto the 3rd friend) cover the final 20 floors with sad stories.

He started telling jokes. With lots of laugh and joy, they reached the 20th floor. The 2nd friend started telling stories full of wisdom. They had learnt a lot on reaching the 40th floor.

Now it was time for sad stories. The 3rd friend said; my 1st sad story is that i forgot the key of the room in the car.


Teacher: All idiots stand up.
Only Akpors stood up.
Teacher: So u are an idiot?
Akpors: No ma... I just can't bear u standing
Up alone.

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