Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chris Brown Has Dinner Date With Karrueche Tran — Not Over Her?

Rihanna, don’t look! Chris and Karrueche were spotted on a romantic dinner date on Oct. 26, an eyewitness told exclusively.

Is Chris looking for trouble?

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran were spotted on a dinner date at Wokcano restaurant on Oct. 26. Could this be part of Karrueche’s plan to win Chris back?

An eyewitness told exclusively, “Chris and Karrueche were seen having dinner Friday night at Wokcano on Third Street in West Hollywood around 10pm.

It was weird seeing them together after everything that happened with the two of them and then Rihanna’s in the mix too. It’s just too crazy. Chris and Karrueche got a quiet little table toward the back of the restaurant and ate together. They weren’t all touchy feeling with one another, but they were having a great time.

There was a lot of smiling at one another. He was telling jokes and being funny and she was eating it up, laughing at his every word and being attentive to him. Not sure if they’re back together, but something is definitely up — judging by the way they were interacting.”

“They were at the restaurant for about 40-45 minutes. They ordered a few sushi rolls and Kae had white wine. They were having a fantastic outing together and it really showed,” the source adds.

Karrueche was devastated after Chris dumped her, but sources told TMZ that she never stopped loving him, and is doing whatever it takes to try and win the R&B singer back.

The source close to Karrueche also said she got used to a certain level of “celebrity” while dating Chris, and she is afraid to “go back to being basic,” even if that means being Chris’ second choice while he’s still hooking up with Rihanna.

Karrueche may have to be Chris’ second choice because him and Rihanna have been spending a lot of time together lately.

A source close to the couple tells EXCLUSIVELY that, “[Rihanna] still sees Chris late nights, she has a rented house in LA and he has got his pad as well, so they are always meeting each other late night!”

The source added, “That’s what they go through just to see each other – – they have to connect in the middle of the night because both of them are so damn busy. It’s just that’s kind of the only time they have a few hours to themselves and they end up spending it with each other.

That’s some crazy love right there.” Rihanna attended Chris’ Qubeey launch party at Playhouse nightclub in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday Oct. 20 where they were spotted “kissing” and “holding hands.”

Furthermore, on Oct. 25, Chris and Rihanna hooked up in the recording studio, a friend tells exclusively.

While Karrueche and Chris were also spotted together on Oct. 22, Ms. Tran may have a rough road ahead if she’s competing with Rihanna.


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