Saturday, October 6, 2012

John Dumelo dethrones Jackie Appiah as brand icon in Ghana

Face of popular actor and ladies’ man John Dumelo is gradually taking over billboards of Ghanaian Information and Communication Technology giant IPMC throughout the country.

John seems to have taken over from popular actress Jackie Appiah who has occupied the spot for a very long time.

There is currently no official communiqué to the effect that IPMC has ended its deal with their previous brand icon Jackie Appiah even as Dumelo’s face on the billboards started popping up all over the country, which pre-indicates the direction the company is
embarking on.

With Dumelo’s popularity rising globally, it may make sense that the company has decided to switch from Jackie to him. But who says Jackie is outdated when she just recently completed the first African cartoon movie, a first of it’s kind? Or is it a case of male actors have more appeal to brands over the female counter parts?

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