Sunday, October 28, 2012

One contestants evicted from Gulder Ultimate Search 9

 Kofya Brown, 25, became the first casualty of the reality TV hit series, Gulder Ultimate Search 9, as she was evicted from the Usaka Hills and forest location of the contest.

Kofya, a Computer Science undergraduate, failed the first test of Christopher Okagbue, one of the three Gulder Ultimate Search 9 Gatekeepers, thus prematurely bringing to an end, her quest in search of the Gatekeeper’s fortune.

Kofya who has a 7 year old daughter, Jessica, explained that one of the reasons she entered the Gulder Ultimate Search 9, was to use her prize money to take care of her daughter whom she described as her ‘best friend’.

During her interview, a tearful Kofya had some words of reassurance for her 7 year old daughter: “…And to Jessica, don’t mind my tears, mummy loves you. Just know that even if I’m out here, I’ll still continue to do my best to give you what you deserve in life, okay?”

For her troubles, Kofya will be taking home a whopping N1million although she is the first evictee.

But the second evicted contestant, Ayo Ojueromi, a student of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism in Lagos, was either careless or simply unlucky.

She was shown the way out of Gulder Ultimate Search 9 not because she lost a task, but because she could not find the Golden Key entrusted in her care.

All the 12 contenders were handed Golden Keys by Chidi Mokeme, the GUS 9 anchor man, who instructed them to always be in possession of the keys.

Ayo was livid with rage when she failed to find her own. She and her fellow contestants had thought the anchorman wouldn’t notice. Unfortunately, he did, and she had to leave the jungle as a result.

However, ten contestants are still in the game, fighting to see who will eventually find the fabled Gatekeeper’s Fortune.


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