Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Usher Reveals Why Justin Bieber Is An Amazing Performer

Usher is proud of his prodigy! The star opened up to about how far Justin has come as a performer and how amazing he thinks Justin truly is! Read on for all the details!

Justin Bieber — you have some big fans out there, many of them being celebrities. But your mentor Usher is one of your biggest! Usher revealed EXCLUSIVELY to that he thinks Justin is an amazing performer and that the 18-year-old is continually showing his talent as a performer!

“You know what, as a performer, I think he is striving to continue to be better,” the star said of Justin. He also revealed how proud he is that Justin is able to “continue to show his talent vocally and also as a musician.” Wow, what a compliment!

Despite both of the singers being nominated for American Music Awards this year –three times EACH — Usher says there’s no hard feelings between the two.

“At the end of the night, regardless, we’re both winners,” Usher said. “I just really want to win more,” the R&B star teased, adding, “I’m joking. I would never want to win more than my son.”

Looks like Usher is still as confident in Justin’s talent as he was when he discovered and signed the child prodigy all those years ago.

I think that’s one strong bond between this mentor and mentee!

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