Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jay-Z Changes ‘Bitch’ To ‘Mitt’ In Performance At Obama Rally

Jay-Z makes his allegiances clear as he slams Mitt Romney during a performance of ’99 Problems’ at a rally for President Obama in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 5 — but did he go too far?

Jay-Z has been a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama and his bid for reelection in the 2012 presidential race. He and wife Beyoncé hosted a private fundraiser for the president on Sept. 18, and on Nov. 5, the day before the election, he performed at a rally in Columbus, Ohio — where he replaced curse words with Republican candidate Mitt Romney‘s name!

During the rally, which also featured a performance by Bruce Springsteen and a speech by the president himself, the hip-hop mogul performed his legendary hit “99 Problems,” but not without a few timely adjustments. “I have to do it — I’m sorry,” he told the crowd.

“I didn’t get clearance from the Secret Service. I changed the lyrics of this song. It goes like this: ‘If you havin’ world problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems, but Mitt ain’t one.’”

He then performed his hit to the crowd’s delight, though not everyone enjoyed the lyric swap. Mitt’s senior communications adviser, Ted Newton, tweeted, “A new low for Obama presidency: Jay-Z replacing a misogynistic swear word with the word ‘Mitt’ as he performs at an Obama event.”

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