Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oprah Winfrey: Justin Bieber Is The New Michael Jackson

Justin’s dream to become the next Michael Jackson is fulfilled now that Oprah deemed them one in the same in anticipation for her ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ interview with the Biebs, airing on Nov. 25. We all know what happens when Oprah gives her seal of approval!

“Justin Bieber is a phonemenon,” Oprah proclaims on the Nov. 25 episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, where she interviews the “Beauty And A Beat” singer.

“I haven’t done an interview like this since Michael Jackson in 1993,” Oprah tweeted on Nov. 19.

“There’s never been a star like you,” Oprah tells Justin in this new preview clip, tweeted by Justin on Nov. 23. “What do you mean by that,” Justin asks in an attempt to appear humble.

“Obviously, lots of people compare your audiences to Michael Jackson’s audiences — the screaming fans; and your audiences to the Beatles’ fans. I mean, when I saw the crowd last night, it reminded me of myself and Paul McCartney where girls are gaga. 

Those tremendous legends, who really changed the face of music for our culture, did not have a stardom like yours — like a rise of stardom like yours. You are a product, to a great to extent, of social media. Therefore, there’s never been a star like you,” Oprah says.

“Thank you,” Justin politely responds. In the very same interview, Justin will talk about his on-again off-again relationship with Selena Gomez.


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