Friday, December 21, 2012

Adele Named Entertainer Of The Year!

Adele managed to snag the title of The Associated Press Entertainer of the Year without having many big projects going on.

Well, other than that one big personal project that she kept so well hidden. Secret Keeper of the Year!

Our always lovely Adele didn’t need a dance craze or scandalous book to reach the top spot…she just needed six Grammys!

Adele was the shiz that night!

She followed that up with recording the highly-anticipated theme song to 007 film Skyfall.
So good we’re still listening to it!

But we aren’t the only ones. Joe Butkiewicz, executive editor of the Times Leader, revealed he considers Adele the Entertainer of the Year because of the impact this song had:
“There was an overwhelming embrace of Adele and her music and that was never more evident to me than when I heard teenagers express their enthusiastic expectations for the new James Bond movie because Adele performed the theme song.”
But that wasn’t the only Adele music being listened to this year as her album 21 passed 10 million copies sold in the U.S. during this year.


And we thought Adele had nothing going on. Congrats, gurl! We can't wait for more entertainment in 2013!

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