Saturday, December 22, 2012

Child,4 explains to his Mum how Dad had sex with a prostitute

A taxi driver who thought his dozing four-year-old child wouldn’t know what was happening when he had sex with a prostitute got the shock of his life when the toddler narrated the whole sex ordeal to his wife.

This was heard at Lusaka Local Court in a case in which the boy’s mother Marjory Moonga aged 25 sued her husband Owen Han’gandu. The two got married in 2000 and have three children-the four year old boy in question being their second born.

Moonga told the court presided over by Senior Presiding Magistrate Hilda Choonya who was sitting with Senior Court Magistrate Morgan Kayanika that she was suing for reconciliation because Han’gandu, 28 had chased her from their matrimonial home shortly after she queried him about the boy’s revelations.

“When the whole incident happened, I was out visiting relatives. As soon as I arrived, my son told that when I was gone his father brought what he called a brown young lady. He narrated that he was quite sleepy when his father ‘slept on top’ of the brown woman and started ‘moving to and fro’. The boy did not say that his father was actually having sex because he does not anything about sex. All he said was that he could see his father moving on top of the woman. I could guess what he was talking about,” she told the court.

She explained that Han’gandu could neither deny nor confirm the revelations when she queried him. She added that from then on, Han’gandu became ‘bad’ tempered leading to her chasing away.

But Han’gandu who vehemently denied committing adultery in the presence of his son said he was saddened by his wife’s resolve to take the boy’s story as gospel truth. He said children should not be believed because they tend to “imagine things.”

Han’gandu added that Moonga decided to believe the boy’s stories because she is naturally insecure and jealousy.

“For instance, she is always differing with my mother because she accuses my own mother of being in the habit of looking for girlfriends for me. She alleges that my mother knows all my girlfriends,” he said.

Han’gandu who did not object to the reconciliation proposal also complained that his wife “likes too much money.”

But Han’gandu told the court that although he wanted Moonga back home, she should re-do the traditional marital lessons because her behaviour was not anywhere near that of a normal housewife. But the court declined to give ruling on the matter because parents or guardians of both Han’gandu and Moonga were not present in court.

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