Thursday, December 20, 2012

PHOTO: Female Bowen Student expelled for having an oral sex

Hehehehehehehehehehe can y'all believe someone just got expelled for giving heads? No thanks to the stupid mofo she fucked becuase the idiot caught the action on camera and as usual the pictures went viral.

Another pic after the cut.................

There are reports that a female Bowen student was expelled yesterday for having an oral sex . The picture was said to have been stolen from the young man’s phone by his friends and it is being spread all over the internet.Shortly after, it reached the VC of Bowen University who in turn took necessary action. Did i just say "necessary" i beg to disagree please lets leave it as "unnecessary" and for the stupid girl what do you tell your parents?

Do y'all believe this is grounds for expulsion? Me I no fit go all this kind yeye school oh abeg.

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