Saturday, December 22, 2012

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom’s Romantic Christmas Plans Revealed

Khloe and Lamar may have big Christmas Day plans with her family, but they hope to keep it a little more intimate and romantic on the day after! Read on for all the inside scoop, including the couple’s New Year’s resolutions!

When you come from a family as big as Khloe Kardashian‘s, Christmas is always a day dedicated to everyone in your life. For a couple like Khloe and hubby Lamar Odom, that can get a little daunting, but the two are hoping to have some romantic alone time the day after Christmas, a source says!

My source tells us, “Khole’s family [does] it big on Christmas, so part of the time will be at her mom’s house then she and Lamar will post up at their house the rest of the time. They both been working crazy hard and Lamar’s not off, he’s still in season and has a game on Christmas day. Khloe will be there with all the Kardashians, so they will spend part of Christmas Day at Staples.”

But it isn’t all work and family, our insider says. “But it worked out in Lamar’s favor because he got a day off after Christmas and he and Khloe will do something romantic together, you know, try to make some babies or something…I know they want to be together and have a day where they can be to themselves…No cameras following them around, no phones ringing — you know when Lamar has an off day here in LA he shuts down and turns everything off, even his cell phone. That man don’t want to be bothered by nobody when he gets a break between games. And it’s Christmas too, oh yeah, he and Khloe will be on lock down real tight!”

Khloe and Lamar don’t put too much stock into New Year’s resolutions, our source says, but there are a few things the two are looking forward to in 2013! “…They not really into making resolutions because they won’t stick to them. I’m sure they’ll just talk about things they want to work on or make better in 2013. Lamar wants a ring in 2013 so that’s his resolution — to win the championship this year. Other than that man, they don’t really pay too much attention to all that nonsense. They just trying to love each other and maybe have a kid of there own if it’s in their cards.”

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