Friday, December 14, 2012

Man beats his mother-in-law for teaching his wife prostitution

A Nkayi man has been arraigned before the court of law for ruthlessly thumping his mother-in-law accusing her of teaching his wife prostitution.

Steven Tshuma beat up his mother-in-law, only identified as Gogo Simangaphi (74). The incident took place on 20 November.

State prosecutor, Maxwell Hapanyengwi, told the court that on the day in question, the accused went to Simangaphi’s homestead and accused her of teaching his wife prostitution. When he got to the homestead, the son-in-law entered into his mother-in-law’s bedroom hut and dragged her by the hand.

Tshuma is said to have pushed the elderly woman out of the hut before descending on her several times with a lof. As a result of the beating, Gogo Simangaphi sustained serious injuries. Having completed ‘dealing’ with her, Tshuma proceeded to his grandmother, Sonny Tshuma’s homestead, where he demanded to see his wife.

He accused his grandmother (84) of hiding his wife in the bedroom. A misunderstanding between gogo Sonny and Tshuma ensued as a result of the accusations. To prove he meant ‘business’, Tshuma whipped his grandmother with a log and the old woman sustained serious injuries too as a result of the assault.

For his savage behaviour, Tshuma appeared before magistrate Ndumo Masuku where he pleaded guilty to charged that were levelled against him. He was convicted but sentence will be passed on 12 December.

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