Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tweets: Chuddy K in Gay Mess

Crazy singer Chuddy Gay abi na Chuddy K Tweeted this yesterday and later followed up with the tweets below though it got me a lil confused if it is Gay as in *Homosexual*, or gay as in *Happy*? Anyway, when u finish reading the tweets I'll summarize.
Ok we're good now right? He claimed he was hacked. A wild guess should be someone close to him who had access to his account and who knew he was a gay tweeted that (that is if he didn't Tweet it himself), because how on earth do you get back a hacked account in less than an hour?

Certainly he can fool many but not me Oh 'cos I've been on twitter long enough to know these things. Abegi lets move on to #RealMatas Who saw that my tweet where i said i would be verified on my birthday 26th December? If you missed it check my TL.


  1. He can't fool us joor, he tweeted dat b'cos he's or was gay and a very stupid attention seeker too, everybody is jus trying very to pull a Tonto dikeh but dey forget dis tinz happens once in a while


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