Monday, January 14, 2013

17 year-old SS2 girl commits suicide in Kaduna

For fear of facing the shame of being caught in a boy’s house, a 17-year-old SS2 student, Christiana Silas, decided to commit suicide by taking a dose of insecticide in Karatudu area, Gonin Gora, Kaduna state, last christmas.

Prior to the suicidal action, we gathered that the teenager was caught in a boy’s room in the neighourhood after being declared missing for hours.

The late girl allegedly disappeared from the house at about 9pm on Christmas day without disclosing her whereabouts to anyone.

Eyewitnesses claimed that family members and residents searched round Karatudu and Romi area for hours but all efforts proved futile.

On giving his account of the tragic incident, Christiana’s father, Mr. Silas Wuyah, said “when we asked one of the boys living in the compound opposite the house, he said she was not there, but my brother’s wife said she didn’t trust the boy because she wondered why he was staying outside up till about 11pm.”

Adhering to her instincts, his brother’s wife ignored the boy, went into his room and found the girl lying on his bed and covered with blanket.

“So my family members who were already confused and bitter over what happened rushed at the boy and started beating him. In the process of beating him, my daughter went inside the house and drank chemical used for killing termites.

She was found foaming and rolling on the floor inside the parlour,” the bereaved father confirmed.
She was immediately rushed to a hospital in Gonin Gora, but she did not make it.

“I rushed back from Zaria to the hospital in Gonin Gora and it was confirmed to me that she was dead. I am still imagining what her problem could be that she has to kill herself. Maybe she was afraid of shame that she was caught in a boy’s room,” he added.

When asked if action would be taken against the boy in question, he said: “If I am to drag any case with the boy, I will just be wasting my time, because my daughter would not come back. The boy is part of the family, because he always comes to my house and I do send him on errands.

Though I know that my daughter killed herself after she left his room, I have forgiven him. I know it is evil spirit that entered and asked her to take the chemical and die so that she will not listen to what anybody will say.”

Mr Silas claimed that the boy in question was not her boyfriend, but neighbours insisted that the boy was Christiana’s boy friend.

They also speculated that she probably killed herself to cover up for the shame of being in a boy’s room at that hour, or that perhaps she was pregnant and did not want to face the shame that might come later.

Sympathizers have continued to throng the house of Mr. Silas to console him over the death of his daughter who has since been buried.

Until her death, the late Christana Silas was an SSS2 student of Government Day Secondary School, Romi.

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