Monday, January 7, 2013

Justin Bieber gets another Tattoo

According to some people Justin Bieber‘s body is a work of art and I couldn't agree more, and now he has added another tattoo to his canvas! “This is for u Grampa,” Justin messaged on Instagram on Jan. 6 to his 5 million followers, along with a photo of his new Indian Head tattoo!

Now it's not as if I'm not a fan of tattoos as a matter of fact I'm a huge fan and I even had a temporary one sometime last year but in my honest opinion I think he may just be taking things way too far and if you wanna know what i mean by "too far" check on Chris Brown's latest photos and see what I mean.

Under a picture of his new tattoo, Justin wrote a message on Instagram on Jan. 6 saying, “My grandfather always took me to the Stratford Culliton every Friday night. This is for u Grampa … My man [Chente Rios] hooked it up.”

Chente Rios is the artist who inked Justin this time around.

Of course, this isn’t Justin’s first tattoo. moving on,

Back in Jan. 2012, Justin revealed a giant tattoo of Jesus’ face on his left calf during a trip to the beach, sending fans into a frenzy. And earlier this summer, Justin got the Japanese symbol for “music” tattooed on his right arm. Also, On Oct. 28, Justin Instagrammed a pic of another tattoo — an owl on his forearm! Furthermore, on Dec. 30, Justin revealed more ink on his calf — in the form of prayer hands.

And those are only a few of Justin’s tats!


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