Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sex Of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby Revealed

Kim and Kanye went ahead and found out the sex of their baby and they’re thrilled to start decorating their nursery!

Kim Kardashian knows the sex of her baby! has reported that the reality star had an early test done to determine the sex of her and Kanye West‘s baby because they couldn’t bear to wait any longer. Read on..............

Kim has always wanted a little girl

“Kim has always dreamed of having a little girl and now she has her wish!” a source tells us. “She and Kanye talked about not finding out but they were too excited. Kim has always wanted a little girl and everyone is so excited. Now it’s pink, pink, pink!”

Can you imagine a little pampered Kimye baby? Oh, this baby is going to be absolutely gorgeous and totally spoiled! Move over Blue Ivy and Suri Cruise!

Kanye and Kim knew they wanted to have a baby for months

We told you that Kim is three months along and that she and Kanye were trying to have a baby for several months.

“She got off birth control and it was a decision she and Kanye both made,” a source told us. “They wanted to get married before starting a family but the divorce changed everything because its taken so long to finalize. Kanye and Kim will definitely get married after the divorce is settled with Kris.”

We reached out to a top doctor and it turns out this early DNA test is 95% accurate

“There’s a fairly new blood test done on the mother at seven weeks pregnant which is 95% accurate,” NYC internist Dr. Ronald Minultoli tells us. “The test screens the mother’s blood for fragments of fetal blood. Then the fetal blood is analyzed for the presence of absence of a Y chromosome. The presence of a Y means the baby is a boy and the absence means it’s a girl.”

Kanye and Kim already have a named picked out

“If Kanye has a daughter, he wants to name her Donda, after his mother. He’s been saying that for years, and he will really try to get Kim to do that,” a source told us. “He loves her and misses her tremendously — he even named his art collective after her. Kim would probably be for it, as she loves him and would be supportive of his wishes.”

Now Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason and daughter Penelope have another little buddy to play with! We just hope Kim can get her divorce with Kris Humphries settled before it interferes with this happy time in her life!

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