Saturday, February 2, 2013

Photos of The Day: Beyoncé's Super Bowl Halftime Show Backstage Pics!

When it comes to chronicling the prep work for her upcoming Super Bowl gig, Beyoncé is going deep.

The hitmaking songbird has been posting a storm of intimate behind-the-scenes pics of her and her crew as they rehearse for Sunday's halftime show, and—lucky for us—Bey shows no signs of easing up on those terrific snapshots.
The "Love on Top" singer has just uploaded slew of new pics to her Tumblr page, pulling the curtain back on all the hard work that goes into mounting her highly anticipated Super Bowl debut.
In these candid black-and-white pics, the 31-year-old singer runs through a few moves with her dancers as they fine-tune what is sure to be a showstopping performance.

Bey, completely makeup-free and clad in leggings, white high-tops and a chic headpiece, looks impeccable even as she sweats it out. At one point, she even sprawls out on the floor as she takes a break.
Of course, there are no signs of any of her fellow Destiny's Child sisters, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, in any of the snapshots, although the rumor mill has been on overdrive that the trio will reunite in a surprise performance.

Guess we'll have to wait until Game Day to find out!

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