Monday, June 17, 2013

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian’s Luxury Maternity Suite Costs $3,320 Per Night

Kimye rented a deluxe maternity suite at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles to welcome their baby girl; the two-room, two-bath suite charges $3,320 a day for the luxury amenities. The room is equipped with softer lighting, more aesthetically-pleasing decorations and furniture and sunny views of L.A. The luxury suite also includes a fully-stocked refrigerator with juices, bottled water and a welcome basket, according to the Cedars Sinai website.

Along with the lavish room, two guests also receive three meals a day from a deluxe food service, and additional meals can be ordered for an additional cost. While the new mom is relaxing and bonding with her baby, she can enjoy the free hotel-style robe she receives as a gift, and utilize the free WiFi and flatscreen TV.

If the new parents want to be pampered, they can pay extra for salon services, including haircuts, stylings, manicures and pedicures, according to the Cedars Sinai website.

Even though the luxury suite may seem a little too over-the-top, [did I just say "a little"? forgive me jare] a source close to Kanye told why the couple chose to spend so much money on their maternity room. The insider told us:

They’re just doing it for privacy and security. That’s the real reason why they’re doing it, so people won’t be trying to get all up in their space trying to look at the baby and everything. That’s not going to happen. Kanye really wants this to be a special moment. He’s about to have his first baby with Kim, and he wants to savor that moment and doesn’t want anything or anyone to mess it up!
Isorai, odi very expensive sha.

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