Friday, January 24, 2014

Drunk Manchester United fan calls police to report defeat!

A drunk fan called the police to report Manchester United's 'crime' after losing the league cup semis to Sunderland in what I call, the most terrible penalties of all time. Listen to the phone call above.

I really apologies for being absent this whole time + there's a little bit of good news for you guys: the new address is and we're still working on a real website so i beg y'all to hang on a bit.


  1. Seriously 999? Crazy mehn

  2. You finally shed the blogspot address, nice one bro

  3. Does that mean you're back fully into blogging and blogger or you're still working on your real website

  4. @anonymous 8:20am I'm back into blogging and blogger but I'm still working on that idea website, thanks for your support


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