Monday, February 3, 2014

George Zimmerman wants to beat up Kanye West for attacking "defenseless people."

George Zimmerman wants to beat up Kanye West ironically because the rapper has a history of attacking "defenseless people" hehehehe i bet this is a case of pot calling kettle black.

Y'all remember George Zimmerman and the armless black teenager he killed in supposed self defense? I'm guessing you now see the irony in all of this. Anyway, promoters for Zimmerman's upcoming celeb boxing match tells TMZ he badly wants to step in the ring with Yeezus.  The promoters are deliciously Machiavellian knowing for many it will become a choice between 2 evils thus becoming a must-see spectacle.

We're told George's beef with Kanye is not just that he attacks paparazzi  ... but the innocents as well like the 18-year-old who allegedly called Kim an "N***** lover."

The promoters say if Kanye takes Zimmerman up on the offer they're willing to move the fight to L.A. Hmmmmmmm we're waiting for Kanye's response.

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