Thursday, February 27, 2014

Must Read: 'I SHED A TEAR' - An Emotional Poem Dedicated to the 59 Students Murdered in Yobe


Light out They say",
Awaiting a new dawn,

The bandits appears with no sympathy
Silting, shooting and torching them together,
Just for draconian views to be accepted.
I shed a tear over mans.

A darkness void less one that
Conceives all greater evils.
Then we blame the devil for such atrocities,
We are the devil ourselves
Lurking, looting and destroying.

Tell me didnt they plead for mercy from you Coward.
Still it felled on dead ears
And happily triggering maiming carried out your atrocities.
I curse you and your counterparts a life so miserable
That you seek for death that it wouldnt come.

How do you rest after such evil,
Tell me dont their cries haunt and taunt you.
Or do you just ignore them.

I shed a tear over mans,
For demons we are with an appetite for devastation.

A Poem dedicated to those students who were murdered on 24th feb.2014. 


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