Monday, March 31, 2014

SSS Confirms 21 Casualties from Attempted Boko Haram Jailbreak in Abuja

The SSS has said 21 casualties were recorded in yesterday’s attempted jail break in Abuja.

In an update late on Sunday, DSS Deputy Director in charge of Public Relations, Marilyn Ogar, said that two service personnel also received serious injuries while three other detainees who received gunshot injuries have also died, she said. 

As usual, she said Investigation into the incident is continuing.

Inmates at the SSS detention facility in Abuja overpowered guards on Sunday and briefly took over the SSS headquarters. Several detainees were freed until the army was called in to quell the insurrection I know this is supposed to be a follow up post of the attempted Boko Haram jailbreak that went down in Abuja yesterday but I was just too tired to write after a really rough weekend so i'm assuming you all know how it went down but if don't, not to worry as i'll give a more detailed post the event much later.

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