Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Boko Haram Kills Many and Burn Down 540 Houses In Michika

Members of Boko Haram yesterday killed scores of people and burnt about 540 houses in Kubi and Watu villages of Michika Local Government in Adamawa State.

Residents of one of the affected village Watu also informed LEADERSHIP that many people were killed in the attack when the insurgents struck and started firing sporadically while detonating explosives leading to the destruction of many houses.

A fleeing resident of Watu Village who simply identify himself as Zira said the insurgents struck the area in the early hours of monday before most of the residents woke up from sleep. He said most of the residents were trapped in their homes as the insurgents started shooting and setting off explosives which led to the destruction of many houses including lives.

According to him, the insurgents had a free day as they continued their rampage, maiming and killing residents with impunity without resistance.

He said, “The insurgents took complete control of our village as security operatives were nowhere to be found which made the case even more pathetic as the insurgents continue to kill and destroy properties with reckless abandon.”

Another resident of the area Mallam Abu, said he escaped death by the whiskers and ran into the nearby bush where he was hiding adding that his escape was rather miraculous as he was awake when the insurgents staged their attack, which enabled him to escape adding that other residents that are not so lucky might have been killed.

Abu said, “Since the insurgents struck, I could not see any of my relatives with whom we are staying, and I am afraid they might have been killed.

“They burnt our houses and some of our children, women and old men were trapped in the inferno that is still burning more properties because there was nobody to put off the fire. I don’t know why they so mercilessly killing anybody they come across this time.”

Another resident of the area noted that since the insurgents took over control of the villages, there was no presence of security personnel which makes the areas completely vulnerable as the people were left to their fate.

“The only semblance of security we had was the occasional Arial bombardment by Jet fighters that come from Yola to drop bombs and go back,” the source said.

He said that the insurgents are having field day killing and maiming people and their dead bodies are left at the mercies of vultures and pigs.

The resident said only Vimtim, the hometown of the Chief of Defence Staff, Air marshal Alex Badeh has seen the influx of soldiers wondering other villages were not fortified which gave room to the insurgents to kill with impunity.

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