Monday, December 8, 2014

Olo Osakioduwa, BBA host IK's wife put Nigerians on blast over Idris' win

I'm very sorry to say this but I think Tayo was cheated last night and we're getting weary of the antics of this Big Brother Africa show. Anyway, on to the gist at hand: Olo Osakioduwa (@O_Osakioduwa), the wife of BBA host IK thinks otherwise and put up the tweets below to prove her point.

Well, personally i think she's only protecting her husband's job while yarning dust in the process.


  1. Nigeria has won BbA more than any other African country na only, Nigeria suppose dey win BBA every year? Do you guys even know that the vote isn't determined by population but by the highest votes in a particular country. I watched the show a couple of times and Tayo was always involved in one quarrel or the other, that might be your cup of tea but other Africans and even some Nigerians didn't see it the same way. If u want to be a Blogger try to be objective. Peace


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