Friday, August 24, 2012

If only Goldiee will pick my calls – Lover Boy Prezzo Laments

The Kenyan born musician who is,the second runner up of the just concluded big brother star games, Prezzo 32, has apologized to Nigerians for what happened in the game between him (Prezzo) and Goldie.

Addressing journalist, the GLO ambassador to Nigeria Prezzo, stated that his main mission for coming into the country after the game was to come and explain to Nigerians what happened in the house between him and Goldie and to also apologize to her for everything that happened.

He also answered the question as to whether he has made any attempt to speak with Goldie after the show; he said no. That he has not been able to speak with her because, she does not pick her calls. I always remember what my father use to tell me that I should follow my mind in all my doings that is why I came all the way from Nairobi to Nigerian to reconcile with Goldie and to explain what happened.

The "handsome" looking young man believes so much in the power of God. Saying that if God says that they will be together, there is nothing anybody can do about it. So he sees his reconciliation with Goldie as what will make way if God is on his plans.

According to him, the whole thing which was supposed to be a game has gone beyond what he expected it to be. Ever since they left the house, he cannot stay a whole day without thinking about Goldie. All just what he wants from her is for her to pick his calls and here him out may be they will start from there.

He has no regrets if he was asked to marry Goldie as according to him, the both of them have the same body chemistry and they understand themselves so much and his is not getting younger. “I just want to use the media to reach Goldie and tell her to pick my calls that was why I called for a press conference”.

He also cleared the dust rising as a result of his married life. He said that there is no normal married man who will involve himself in the show. That if his marriage was still intact, he might not have involved himself there. He separated with his wife over two years now before he went for the show.

Talking about his real self, he said that there in the house, he was more of paranoid than in reality. For some of his actions there in the house, he said has no regrets for that. In conclusion, he said that the reason why he was being a bit stubborn in the house was that, Kigan the winner always feels that he is on top. So he wants to put everybody under him and him Prezzo, is not in for that so he tends to give him tough times there. Though I lost, I am not a sole loser.

He therefore pleads to Nigerians to help him speak to Goldie that for him to leave his country to Nigeria, means that he is not pretending.

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