Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Visa: U.S. lists Nigeria, Brazil, China, as priority nations

It looks like our Visa problem is coming to an end very soon, infact after you read this you can relax and start packing your bags because the U.S. has listed Nigeria, Brazil and China as priority nations on its visa application following a surge in consular demands, Mrs Patty Neary, a consular officer, said on Wednesday.

Neary told newsmen in Abuja at the country’s Embassy weekly briefing that more than 40,000 visa applications had so far been processed in Nigeria this year. "Nigerians we can travel sha".

She said that the figure represented 11 per cent increase over the 2011 fiscal year. Neary said 75 per cent of the applications were for tourist visas, while 25 per cent accounted for student, business and official visas.

She said that a majority of the applicants were granted visas. The consular officer warned applicants against patronising touts and expressed the Embassy’s commitment to continue to provide consular services to Nigerians, and as well reduce the wait time.

I just hope "say this one on be another wash".


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