Friday, September 28, 2012

2face Idibia deletes illegal video for ‘Ihe Ne Me’

iROKING, a digital distribution and media platform has served notice that the YouTube feed for 2Face’s incredible ‘Ihe Ne Me official’ video from Deji Adedeji’s channel has been taken down. The video I question, which many bloggers used on their platforms is pirated and totally illegal.

It was reportedly recorded from Soundcity on TV and uploaded on Youtube.

iROKING in a statement tagged, ‘Love 2Face, Hate Piracy!’, commented: “Sometimes this can just be an excited fan, sometimes it could be for commercial gain. However both infringe and damage our creative industries. Please – you are advised to use the official feed for your audience as any uploads outside the official feed on your blog/website will be taken down.”

“Please be aware that by broadcasting the non-official version of this video, you are infringing on the copyright of Hypertek Entertainment. Please respect copyright at all times. See below for more information on Blogger Copyright Policy,” it added.

iROKING continues to crack down on illegal content and fights for the rights of its artists. 2Face’s official music video distribution YouTube source is

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