Monday, September 3, 2012

Heidi Klum Jets Out of Town Without Bodyguard Says: An Angry Seal Is After Me!

Heidi Klum was seen at the crack of dawn this morning at LAX catching a flight out of town and with all the attention surrounding her new bodyguard beau he was nowhere to be found.

TMZ posted a video over the weekend of Seal calling out Heidi for "fornicating with the help" while they were still married. A rep to the singer backed off those remarks, saying, "he was not implying his wife was cheating while they were together."

Our sources say Heidi and the bodyguard have gotten "very close" since her split with Seal, but their relationship remains "undefined."Seal went after Heidi Klum’s fortune out of anger and jealousy sources intimately familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Heidi is telling close friends Seal made outrageous property settlement demands when she filed for divorce, despite the couples post-nuptial agreement. Heidi claims Seal asked for a huge chunk of her $70 million fortune and she believes it was all rooted in blind jealously.

We're told Seal has since backed off his financial demands, but Heidi is telling friends, it's all part of Seal's M.O. to lash out when he's pissed. The anger, Heidi says, is why their marriage fell apart. Heidi is telling her confidantes.

Seal’s interview with TMZ, in which he accuses her of "fornicating with the help" during their marriage, was aggressively designed to hurt and embarrass her. Sources close to the couple tell TMZ although Seal is publicly trashing his estranged wife, he would take her back in a second. Based on what we’re hearing, Seal shouldn’t hold his breath.

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