Monday, September 24, 2012

Joke Extra: Part Four #NaOnly9ja

 LAUGH OUT UR SORROWS: HashTag is #NaOnly9ja

#NaOnly9ja you fit win Aeroplane by loading 200 Naira Mtn Card, very soon etisalat go say recharge 200 and win country & I hear say Glo own na Win a Planet.

#NaOnly9ja you go see fish inside Meatpie..

#NaOnly9ja native doctor dey #laugh (hahaha)com detect ur problem

#NaOnly9ja Blackbery dey show 3G but no network..

#NaOnly9ja we dey count money wey we withdraw for atm.

#NaOnly9ja Pharmacy dey sell coke,Recharge Card,chin chin,and beer!

#NaOnly9ja PHCN dey hustle for fuel to take on their own Generator for their office.

All this and many more are the strong reasons why I luv 9ja! (Take the challenge to Twitter with the HashTag #NaOnly9ja)


A warri guy n a girl were taking a walk on a 1st date. The girl saw a pair of shoes she liked And said; I forgot my purse at home, please give me #2,500 to buy this shoes.

The guy replied; take this #20 go home and bring your purse. Was the guy wise or stingy??

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