Wednesday, September 5, 2012

President Obama Appears in Jay-Z Concert Video As Nicki Minaj Endorses Matt Romney

As the organizer and headlining performer at the Budweiser Made In America festival in Philadelphia this weekend, Jay-Z received a boost from one of his biggest fans: United States President Barack Obama.

In a pre-recorded video, Obama said Jay-Z's personal story is what Made In America - the concert series' tagline - means. He also urged concert-goers to vote, obvs. Obama is up for reelection on Tuesday, November 6.

Meanwhile Nicki Minaj endorsed Mitt Romney today in a new rap song, Before Mitt Romney puts Nicki Minaj's latest tune at the top of his campaign rally playlist, he may want to take another listen.

Nicki Minaj or at least one of her musical personalities seemingly endorses the Republican Party's presidential candidate during a song on Lil Wayne's new mixtape, Dedication 4.

"I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy, "Minaj raps during her verse on the track "Mercy," a new take on Kanye West's beat (via Rolling Stone).

Still, a number of music critics have been quick to point out that Minaj's lyrics directly follow verses about her lavish lifestyle, and are most likely just meant to illustrate how rich she is (along with her boasts about courtside seats, and the money in her purse).

Queens, NY native Minaj, 27, has yet to comment on the meaning behind her words. Should she speak out in support of the GOP, Romney may want to queue up some of the Young Money songstress' tunes for his next campaign event, as both he and his running mate have come under fire as of late for their tastes in music.

The Silversun Pickups recently issued a cease- and-desist order for the Romney campaign to stop using their song, "Panic Switch," while Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine slammed Ryan, who cites his band as one of his favorites, in an editorial for Rolling Stone. (Morello opined that Ryan is "the embodiment of the machine our music rages against.")

But it's safe to say we know which way Jay's voting.

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