Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shan George Dating Mikel Obi?

Well that's totally false and there's no iota of truth in it says Shan George who knows she is cannon for controversies and is unapologetic about it.

Recently, she was quoted to have said that most married Nollywood actresses are not faithful to their husbands, that they keep numerous lovers. that allegation was said to have rankled a number of her colleagues who felt scandalized by such revelations.

The mother of two boys said that offensive article misrepresented her statement and was motivated by the writer’s desire to cause unnecessary friction between her and her colleagues in the industry.

“That was such a low blow. Why should it be my problem to know – not to talk about other people’s marriages and what they are doing or not doing? It is not my nature to make such judgment calls and most of my colleagues knew the writer of that piece was motivated by hate and not by the desire to help build the industry and the bond of friendship that exist in Nollywood.

If you had attended my premier, you would have seen that almost everyone who is somebody in the industry showed up. Would they have done so, if they thought I was a loose cannon or that I take delight in
 disparaging other people? No, they would never have done so! I forgive the guy who wrote that offensive piece.”

Shan also used the opportunity to condemn in a strong term the recent news that circulated online that she was photograph nude. “I am really disappointed by the level of ignorance of some people in today’s world. I mean how low can they get.

I went out with some friends of mine to mark
my birthday and we were all dressed in swim suit-bikinis. There was no indecent exposure –
we were just having fun. The pictures are all on the net. Yet someone after seeing the pictures – went and wrote that I was photographed nude.

Can you imagine that? I can’t imagine if the writer cannot recognize someone wearing a swimming trunk and a naked picture. It is very annoying. I have morals and I would never pose nude not for a million dollars. You know what I have come to see that in this industry: there are some people who are haters and instead of applauding your efforts, would rather take delight in painting you in colors that do not represent who you are. But I am glad that the majority of my fans worldwide know who I am.”

Recently too, a picture of Shan was posted on line where she was seen seemingly cavorting with the top Chelsea soccer star, Mikel Obi, leading to the speculation that she and Mikel
were dating.

When asked, Shan was incredulous “This is really getting crazy. So I can’t even have a drink with someone – just innocently, without being linked romantically with the person?

Mikel Obi is at a talented soccer player whose skills I appreciate. I am his big fan and when they won the Champions Cup last May, I was over the moon with excitement for him and his team mates.

We met and had a drink in Lagos recently and that was that! Nothing romantic happened between us. I am not dating Mikel Obi and I hope some of these traffickers of lies can go have themselves some life.”

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