Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shirtless Justin Bieber Reveals New Crown Tattoo

Lucky No. 7 for Justin Bieber!

The 18-year-old singer got inked for the seventh time. Bieber showed off his new tattoo to his fans on Twitter Friday in a shirtless photo of himself.

"New tattoo. It's a crown if you couldn't tell," he wrote. The tattoo is located on Bieber's right collarbone and appears to be slightly larger than the size of a quarter.

A source told Us Weekly back in July that the singer had his tattoo artist come to his home on July 26 to do the new ink.

"It's partly a tribute to his idol Michael Jackson," the source said.

Bieber snapped another shirtless photo of himself on Saturday from his bed while cuddling with a fur blanket. "Getting out of bed is too difficult. I think I hit the snooze button 20 times this morning."

After Selena Gomez's boyfriend treated his Beliebers to several pics of his bare torso, he tweeted, "I'm thinking to myself, 'Wow, really Justin? Three shirtless pics in 3 days.' Who do I think I am? A young Mark Wahlberg? Sheesh.

One person who won't be a fan of Bieber's decision to get yet another tattoo? David Letterman. The Late Show host scolded Bieber on his show in June after the "Baby" singer got his sixth tattoo in honor of his album, Believe. Letterman, 65, begged Bieber swear off getting inked going forward, pleading, "I mean, honestly.

How does that help how you look to have a tattoo? "It doesn't not help the way I look," Bieber retorted.

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