Sunday, October 7, 2012

Africans Excluding Nigerians Have The Largest Penises In The World

According to a new research published in the Scientific Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, Congolese men have the largest penises in the world.

The men of Africa's Republic of Congo are best equipped at an enormous 7.1 inches. They are closely followed by Ecuadoreans at 7in, Ghanaians at 6.8in and Colombians at 6.7in.

The research which covers 113 nationalities,
indicates that in Europe, Icelanders are the best endowed at 6.5in and the Irish are the second smallest at 5.03in - behind only Romanians at 5.01in.

Africans have the biggest penises at an average of 6.3in and north-east Asians the smallest at 4.2in. The average British man's penis is apparently 5.5in when erect - coming ahead of the French at 5.3in, Australians (5.2in), Americans (5.1in) and Irish (5in).

The sensitive subject was tackled by Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Ulster University.

Do you think this research is correct? For me It's a flop.


  1. Why except for Nigerians?

  2. I'm sure they didn't do the research in Nigeria if not them for confam the mata


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