Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Lady Patience Jonathan Arrives From Germany

First Lady Patience Jonathan arrived the country in a presidential jet few minutes ago at the Presidential Wing of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to meet a mamot crowd of well wishers who awaited her arrival.

The First Lady who was in tears thanked God and the good people of Nigeria who stood by her throughout the trying times, she lamented why people would wish her dead and why they assume that you can't enter Aso-Rock and come out without losing any member of your family.

In her words: " I didn't go for any cosmetics surgery, my husband likes me the way I am. I wonder why people will think you can't enter Aso-Rock and come back with your complete family, they said Abacha entered he didn't come out complete, they mentioned Stella Obasanjo and Yar' Adua".

"Why didn't they remember people like Babangida who went and succeeded"?

The First Lady who was rumoured to be dead prior to the President's National address after the independence celebration was hospitalized in a german hospital after series of reports stated that she was food poisoned.

Later report surfaced that she had a raptured her appendicitis resulting from the food poison, we later heard she went for cosmetics surgery and then Parkinson disease came into play and lastly cancer before her rumoured death.

Anyway I'm particularly happy she's well again and I pray this ugly incident doesn't raise it's ugly head again.

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