Sunday, October 7, 2012

Justice We Want, Justice We Must Get

Still speaking on the Aluu gruesome murder of four uniport student I will like to call on the Rivers State Government to get everybody in the video and even the person who caught the whole event on video and bring them to book.

Most espcially is the girl who claimed on twitter that they were robbers.

No matter what they did, no human being deserves that kind of treatment. Even the greatest terrorist of all time didn't die that kind of death.

Now on to those people who were there watching it happen, God will judge all of you for not crying out to security agencies when they were still alive. The video is indeed gruesome but some people did watch it happen.

If we let this go, they may continue killing more and more students.

The Nigerian Youth has to stand against this evil.

Our right to live and fair trial is being trampled upon here and some people have the guts to call them robbers. What did they steal? Who did they steal from? Where are the items stolen? All these are a few of the many unanswered questions surrounding the death of these promising young men.

May their soul rest in perfect peace and may their killers be brought to book.

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