Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ministries To Get N1billion For Refreshment In 2013 Budget

Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) will spend a total sum of N1.126 billion on refreshment and meals as well as another N843 million on generator fuel, the 2013 budget proposal has shown.

The breakdown of the allocations to various MDAs shows that the Ministry of Education will receive N20 million for generator fuel, N10.6 million for refreshment and meals; Culture and Tourism, N3.16m for generator fuel, N41.57m for refreshment; Defence, N23.7m for generator fuel, N14.2m for refreshment; Environment, N11m for generator fuel, N2m for refreshment; Federal Civil Service Commission, N24m for generator fuel, N180m for refreshment; Federal Character Commission, N6m for generator fuel, N8m for refreshment; Finance, N65m for generator fuel, N44m for refreshment; Fiscal Responsibility Commission, N4.9m for generator fuel, N4.7m for refreshment.

In the same vein, Agriculture Ministry gets N5.9m for generator fuel, N3.2m for refreshment; Communication, N5m for generator fuel, N18m for refreshment; Foreign Affairs, N66.8m for generator fuel, N75m for refreshment; Code of Conduct Bureau, N3.6m for generator fuel, N10m for refreshment; Aviation gets N13m for refreshment; Transport gets N11.6m; Wages Commission gets N6.5m for refreshment; Petroleum Resources gets N35.5m for refreshment; Power gets N8.7m for refreshment; Special Duties gets N4m for refreshment; Water Resources gets N19m for generator fuel.

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