Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rihanna Gets Naked for Unapologetic Album Cover

Surprise, surprise! Rihanna's naked again.

"Mitchewwwwww who's suprised sef"?

The 24-year-old singer tweeted out her upcoming Unapologetic album cover Thursday morning.

In the shot, "Love," "Happy," "Fearless," "Fun," "Diamonds," "Side Effects," "Censored," "Victory" and other words are scribbled over Rihanna's body.

Her goddess Isis tattoo under her breasts, showing the ancient Egyptian deity with her wings spread out, is also prominently featured.

Unapologetic quickly started trending worldwide, and Rihanna was quick to share the accomplishment with her fans.

"I really owe it to my navy gang," she tweeted. Job well done, Rihanna Navy! Unapologetic will be released Nov. 19.

Now what do you think? Is she still sexy or she looks like one stupid "Ekaite" who's begging to give heads? As for me she can stop fooling herself already afterall rumour has it that "she's a better stripper than a singer".

"I didn't mention that sha, make una no go find me see".

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