Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sex Scene With Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Is "Pretty Ridiculous" - Robert Pattinson

By the fourth film, Robert Pattinson knows how to promote Twilight: just talk up the sex scene!

In a new interview with Australian talk show Kyle and Jackie O, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 actor teased Twi-hards with new details about his love scene with Kristen Stewart.

"The sex scene in this one is pretty ridiculous," Pattinson, 26, revealed. In addition to being a newlywed and new mom, Bella (Stewart) also becomes a vampire in the final Twilight film.

"It's just because you're kind of shooting stuff to be PG-13 . . . It's just trying to think of inventive ways to make something sexy," the actor explained. "It can't just be a normal sex scene.

It's supposed to be about, like, the greatest vampire sex you've ever had."

And it was difficult to film -- in front of a big crew! Pattinson and his real-life girlfriend of three years, Stewart, 22, were directed to show faces of "ecstasy."

"We're doing it just to the camera, and the camera man is laughing as well," he said of the close-up shot with a crew of 40 people watching.

He added, "Guys faces I don't think are really designed to do [that]."

Another highlight of Pattinson's new interview? He admits he cried while watching Marley and Me. "I was so surprised," he said of the film's ending. "I was like devastated."

"Literally I never want to see it again, it was horrible," he added. "It was like looking at war footage. I can't take it, I hate people, but I love dogs."

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 opens in theaters Nov. 16.

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