Monday, October 15, 2012

Soundcity's Juliet's Marriage Canceled Over Money

For what led to the crash of the former Soundcity TV presenter, Juliet, no one can really say but the characters involved in the game of love.

This is kind of an eye opener for many Nigerian ladies who fall in love with a guy because they believe he's loaded with cash and within a few weeks they are already talking about marriage.

According to the story, the model, Juliet met Chima Ojukwu, a US-based guy in September 2011 and within a week they were already engaged. Less than a month into the relationship they had their introduction. Chima followed it with a traditional marriage the next month and they planned their white wedding in the US but that never held, the reason, I gathered, is money palaver and the wedding was unceremoniously called off and the love birds parted ways.

Juliet who has since changed her facebook status from married to single said in an interview, "we parted ways over irreconcilable differences. We were incompatible. At a point, being in the marriage became life threatening. If I was still in it, my enemy may have been dead by now, all in the name of trying to make it work and to avoid what people will say.

"I had to cancel the wedding in America because here in Nigeria where my family and his family are, there were verbal and domestic abuse. Going to a foreign land where I knew no one would have been worse. So, there was no need for the American wedding since it was already failing in Nigeria."

However, those who claim to be aware of what went down behind the scene, said Juliet is a cheap liar.

Friends of the guy, Chima, said she pulled out of the wedding because of money.

According to them, Juliet apparently went into the relationship in a hurry believing that Chima has a lot of money since he's based in the US. when they became very close lovers, she got to know more about his true financial state and thought the guy can't do a lot for her. She cancelled the wedding, citing "irreconcilable difference".

Juliet has however denied the allegations, saying love is important to her than money.

Do you believe her story? As for me I don't oh, 9ja girls too tear tear eye abeg.

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