Friday, October 19, 2012

Tonto Dike Is Pretty Hilarious, She Murdered Twitter With Her Songs

Hey Hey, before you start  laughing please hold your breathe and download the songs if you haven't but pls note that listening to these songs is at your own risk LOL.

Controversial Nollywood actress has finally dropped her two anticipated singles.. About a week ago she got into a fight with some of her fans on twitter over these songs.. You remember ??

Download @Tontolet Ft. @kalie_aka_snypa - "Hi"

Download @Tontolet Ft. @kalie_aka_snypa - "ItzOva"

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

God punish all of you who disrespect the name of music by releasing d noisy wackness being released these days. Death is d least yu deserve 
Rebel mode!!! riding around lookin for wack artists to shoot.  

 Mumu Facts@MumuFacts

After Listening to Tonto Dikeh 's Music, there is a 98% possibility that you might slam your Phone on the Wall.
#♫NP♫▶ No one does it better ---> Tonto Dike ft Sina Rambo & VicO .......»»»»»Video to b shot by Galaxy TV camera man
Magiclammy: TONTO DIKEH ft SINA RAMBO & VIC O - Get High (Rmx)  
  If U Are Not Strong, People On Twitter Will Make You End Ur Career
  NEWS FLASH = OBAMA not happy with tonto dikeh song... Says he might loose the election
  : Tonto has made twitter lively today so far

All of you washing Tonto dikeh, God is watching you ooooo, berra tell her the truth!!
: Remove ur hand 4rm ur cock n tweet like a man RT God punish all of you who disrespect the name.... 
hey Tonto, just listened to ur song, so fantastic, u did a good job. U are so talented in music yaaaaay I love ur song,  
: Coming from u that croak ONLY better than a TOAD,i can only say STFU ! RT: That Tonto Dikeh's Song is Horrible!  
 NIgerians Can Yab For Africa.
ur station shd be BLOCK FM ! RT : BLOCKED!!! RT : Please play by Tonto Dikeh

LMAOOO RT: Y'all really dissing Tonto Dikeh like you didn't hear Sina Rambo say "lyrics so good, so sweet like chin-chin"" 
POKO ": Cuh I lost my faith in humanity after listening to your songs cuh." 
: Loool RT : God Forbid. She's from Rivers State. Ikwere people RT : Is Tonto Igbo? 
Don't come on here having in your bio and you stay criticizing tonto dikeh. You support nonsense. 
: We are listening to songs in our Nigerian office, everyone is rocking to the beat!" 
 : BREAKING: NBC bans Tonto Dike songs as private university student turns imbecile listening
dn't mind dem, any one lying to u that Ūя̲̅ song is on point is going to hell, pls go and slap Ūя̲̅ producer & all who took part 

tonto dike don trend now sha........ i call that free publicity 
: OSU peeps, RT pls. RT : RT If you wanna see Tonto Dikeh, Vic.O & Sina Rambo perform LiVE on your campus.""  
ROTFLMAO RT : But what Tonto did isn't different from the pple 

 : Are u tired of living?, do u want to die? Put your earpiece on and listen to Tonto's Song.."

WANTARAMERA!!!....WTF!!!Tonto haff kee me!!! 
The next US presidential debate is to b centered around d latest threat to world peace n stability:
new songs. 
  motor car motor car.. 
  I gree": I agree": 70% Of Us Who re on here Dissing Tonto Havn't Listened To The Songs.
 Include fasting : Now please let us pray for Tonto Dikeh"

Nigerians will neva stop bn nigerians... Tonto Dike tried jor.. She only needs mre work which is only typical of anyone new in any game..

: WHAT WHERE U THINKING WHEN U RELEASED OYATO????? RT : what was She thinking. Lol"""""""

: Very Nice Song, you should be a full time musician, you'll be the best in Nigeria.

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