Saturday, November 10, 2012

Denrele Edun confesses:I am a child of God

The wild one, the Channel O presenter, Denrele Edun has declared himself to be born again. The high-flying presenter who was discovered by Tajudeen Adepetu, owner of Soundcity and On TV, said that the fact that he displays wildness doesn’t make him evil.

‘’I’m a child of God oo. Adenrele Olufemi Adeyemi Edun omo Olorun. Sincerely, I am a Christian and I am proud of my religion. I go to church, though some people do not believe. And I pray, if I pray for you, you will be seeing Pastor Denrele at his best. Just recently on a Saturday I was at the Sheraton Hotel with Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan who were organising a show together, called One Heart, One Sound. And I got there and discovered that it was a gospel show.

I tell you, I quoted Bible for them oo. Wan Yapa-dem craze for there! I think a lot of people did not expect that or they did not see that coming. I go to church, I don’t joke with God`s words ooo. I go to Methodist Church in Sabo, Yaba. It is our family church but when my mom was in Nigeria she used to go to MFM but a lot of people do think that I am one aunty that does not cover her hair. They do attack me, asking, why are you not wearing scarf?’’ He told us.

But going to church does not make you a born again Christian? We inquired, ‘’Yes, but Denrele is a born again Christian. I have been a born again Christian since my secondary school days, I mean when I was in SS1 and that was in 1995. I feel that my outward appearance, my physical appearance, the things that I wear are just an expression of my personality and an exhibition of my individuality

These things do not qualify me. things are material things; it is vanity basically. I like outlandish clothes, I like colours, I like looking unusual and different. But at the same time, I will not take the God I worship for granted and I also respect myself too and my God too.

This is showbiz. This is even how I dress at home too. It’s been like part and parcel of me. Basically, I know where you are headed and I know what you meant by the doctrines of Christ and all that and I respect that, I read my Bible every day. But sincerely I do not think this has anything to do with that. Don’t judge me by my outward appearance,’’ he concluded

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