Saturday, November 17, 2012

Man gives his son permission to sleep with his wife

Inbreeding has gained a new height in Suleja, as a man openly acknowledged the existence of a intimate relationship between his wife and son.

Mr. Audu Ibrahim, who lives in Bakassi area in Suleja, said that there was nothing wrong with the affairs between his son and the stepmother.

“I don’t want my beloved son to suffer emotionally. Since my wife is his happiness, I’m very pleased with it,” he said.

“You can see how busy I am with my job. I do not want an outsider to have an affair with my wife.”
His son, 19-year-old Umar, also proudly acknowledges the relationship between him and the stepmother.

“My father lost interest in sex, due to very tight business schedule, some years ago. For many years, she (his stepmother) has been without sex or with little sex.” Umar said.

“My dad would go out for business in the morning and the next time he would show up, would be many days after.

“When he eventually came home, he was very tired. It seemed to me that the spark had gone out of my parents’ marriage.

“Don’t get me wrong, my dad was a loving father and husband also. But the romance that was present at the early state of his marriage was gone,” he said.

“So I began to pay my stepmom compliments on her looks, which made her blush. As days passed by, my desire increased to have her in bed.

We gathered that his stepmom, Sophia from Sierra Leone, was also comfortable with the affair, saying that it was due to her “husband’s laxity to her toward sex”.

“He was content with his business, transcendental meditation and yoga. He seldom revealed his Hot side and when he did, it was more out of his own personal compulsions.

“He had always remained predictable on the bed. He looked so methodical while Being Intimate. He wasn’t getting anywhere closer to what I normally expected from him.

“I kept telling lies to him that I had enjoyed his intimacy, as was expected from a typical housewife.

“At 39, it was humiliating to resort to young guys and now I believe my handsome stepson would fulfill my desires.

“But some incidents occurred between me and my own stepson that changed all that. My desire and lust to have intimate relation with my son increased and so I started working to make it true,” Sophia said.

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