Monday, November 19, 2012

Man Stripped Naked, Beaten, Stoned and Almost Killed For Murdering A Man JUST To Steal His Phone

Two weeks ago a heartless thief shot and killed a man simply because he wanted his cellphone.

When the people in the community found out who the thief was, they showed him no mercy either. He was stripped naked, thrashed and stoned by the a mob. If the police had not intervened, the man would have been dead.

The thug was caught while trying to rob another man in London Section, Alexandra, Johannesburg.

The victim managed to call for help, drawing the attention of people around him. They caught the suspect and found the dead man’s phone on him. Realizing that his life was in danger, the thief aged about 30, managed to run away but he didn’t get far. People’s Justice took over.

Witnesses said the angry mob first ripped off his clothes. He was allowed no modesty, and while some people whipped him with sticks others started stoning him. Apparently he denied robbing and killing the dead man and that angered the residents further. “Angry people were baying for his blood.

They were going to kill him. If the cops hadn’t arrived they would have killed him. It appears that a resident phoned the cops and they arrived just in time to load the naked man on the back of a police vehicle and drive away with him,” said a witness.

Alexandra police spokesman,Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela said there was no case of assault on record. The man murdered was buried in Port Elizabeth over the weekend.

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