Wednesday, November 28, 2012

School headmaster sacked after sexually abusing several girls,uses socks as condom

A Zimbabwean school headmaster Elijah Chitsika who allegedly sexually abused several schoolgirls resulting in one of them falling pregnant, has been sacked.

Chitsika reportedly used a pair of stockings as means of protection in the place of a condom and one of his victims, a Form Four pupil, fell pregnant.

The alleged sexual abuse which started last year was confirmed by Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture provincial education director (PED), Ms Clara Dube.

“Yes I am aware of that issue involving a head teacher at Chamanhanzva High School in Chivi. We have since expelled him from work and as we speak he is no longer with us,” she said.

Ms Dube said Chitsika’s conduct had brought the teaching profession into disrepute hence the decision to expel him.

“After the investigations, Chitsika was found guilty of having an improper relationship with female pupils at his school and that is a dismissible offence. He was sacked on 31 August,” she said.

According to sources, Chitsika would on several occasions hold hostage a number of schoolgirls in his office before asking them to be intimate with him after which he would buy them goodies. His illicit sexual sojourn with pupils is said to have started a long time ago. The sources said one of his victims who fell pregnant gave birth after her Ordinary Level examinations.

“Mr Chitsika had a weakness of proposing to school girls and often the affairs went unnoticed, as everything was swept under the carpet. The girl he impregnated actually gave birth after she sat for her O-level examinations and her parents were paid a lot of money. He would pamper his victims with gifts and all the girls who would have fallen prey to his appetite for sex would not be sent home for say non-payment of school fees,” said a pupil who could not be named for fear of victimisation.
Some pupils allege that Chitsika would surprisingly use his stockings in place of condoms in a vain attempt to protect students from getting pregnant.

“The head would sometimes use his stockings as protection in place of condoms. That is surprising but  some of his victims have testified that he actually did that,” said another pupil.

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