Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Man pays prophet to impregnate his own wife

While it was not his direct intention, but it eventually turned out that he had paid the prophet to impregnate his own wife.
A Plumtree man, Mike Tshuma, gave a self proclaimed prophet a thorough hiding for snatching his wife. For his ‘kung-fu’ super skills, he was brought before magistrate Mr Livared Philfimon facing assault charges.

It is reported that sometime in June, the accused decided to seek help from prophet Moses Dube after his wife had failed to conceive. Dube told the couple that he was going to help the woman and within a few months she would be pregnant. He therefore demanded a lot of money for his services and Tshuma paid before seeing the outcome.

Since June, the woman pretended to be going for treatment at Dube’s place, but it turned out that the two were allegedly having an illicit affair. In September, Tshuma reportedly confronted Dube to understand why his wife still had a flat tummy and he was told that by end of the following month the woman would be pregnant.

The man believed the prophet despite having heard word on the street that his wife and the prophet were playing games behind his back. Tshuma got a kick on his teeth on 18 November when he arrived at his homestead and found his wife having left with all her belongings and some of their property.

The shocked man reportedly looked for his wife at her relatives places, but the woman was nowhere to be seen. A week later, he was tipped by some villagers who informed him that his wife was staying with prophet Dube. Upon arrival at Dube’s place, he found the two lovebirds and without wasting any time he ordered his wife to return to their matrimonial home, but she refused.

Hell broke loose when he wanted to beat her up as Dube intervened and told him to leave within a twinkle of an eye. That did not go down well with Tshuma forcing him to mete instant justice on the suspected woman snatcher. He reportedly gave him a thorough hiding and was only saved by neighbours.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Tshuma’s arrest and he pleaded guilty to the charges. He was remanded out of custody to 12 December for sentence.

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