Saturday, January 5, 2013

Justin Bieber: Money Is No Object When I Take Girls Out

Justin’s successful career has helped him to be quite a suave date with the ladies. As he’s revealed in a new interview, he doesn’t worry much about the money he spends on his dates! Read on for all the details.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be beginning 2013 separated, but Justin shouldn’t have much trouble moving on, should he choose to. Not only is he the biggest pop star in the world and a major heartthrob, a new interview reveals that the Biebs is also one considerate date!

In an interview with Top of the Pops, Justin, 18, spoke about how his professional success has given him enough financial security to spend whatever he chooses while out on a date. “Normally I make good, sound decisions. You don’t have to worry about me. My parents trust me. I don’t have an allowance any more, which is good. I don’t have access to all my money. I have a bank account so I can get money out. I grew up without much money, so now that I don’t have to look at the bill when I buy dinner, it’s cool.” Aww! His dates are so lucky!

It’s looking as if some new ladies may get to experience Justin’s dating style soon, as a new report claims that he and Selena’s break-up just before New Year’s Eve is poised to be the end of the road for the couple.

An insider tells, “This might really be it for the two of them. They’re over going back and forth and all the fighting and reconciling. They’re finally realizing that no matter how much they try to make it work, it won’t right now.”

“They’re both better off to just move on and go their separate ways,” the source tells the website.

“They’re just having trouble saying goodbye.”

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