Friday, January 11, 2013

Selena Gomez Writing Songs About Justin Bieber Split

Selena’s taking lessons from her BFF Taylor Swift, it seems that she’s writing new material that draws from her ugly split with Justin!

Taylor Swift has long held the crown when it comes to revenge songs, but BFF Selena Gomez may be out to give her a run for her money. After her particularly nasty split with Justin Bieber, Selena’s turned to her music for an outlet and she’s ready to burn some bridges!

A source close to Selena, 20, tells us that the pop princess is ready to take Justin, 18, down with her music. “Justin was so mean to Selena that she can’t wait to spill all the shit about him in her new songs,” our insider says. “All his flirting and all his…bullshit are on the table. Her fans will be shocked about how much of a badass she can be when she’s out for revenge.” Whoa! It looks like all her time spent with Taylor, 23, has really rubbed off!

Not only is Selena writing music, but she’s already in the studio laying down the tracks, as well. On Jan. 9, Rock Mafia, an American record production/songwriting team, consisting of Tim James, Antonina Armato and Paul Palmer, tweeted, “@selenagomez in the booth KILLING IT !!!!! #newmusic.” The production team then added, “always an element of [Electronic Dance Music].”

Selena’s been busy at work on new music since November of 2012, but it seems that her nasty break-up with Justin just before New Year’s Eve has really pushed her into hyperdrive. The two were vacationing in a romantic private villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the holiday when they got into a huge argument on Dec. 30. Selena returned to the States after Justin reportedly told her, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

Always remember to be careful with your words, Justin. With a musician for a girlfriend, they just might come back to haunt you!

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