Thursday, January 3, 2013

Selena Wants To Get Closer To Justin Bieber In 2013

Selena wants to use 2013 as a way to have a ‘fresh start’ with Justin!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s relationship was pretty rocky during the last few months of 2012, but Selena wants that to change in 2013! On Jan. 1 Selena tweeted, “New beginnings. Fresh start. I love you all.” And while that appeared to be a kiss-off to JB, a source tells this “new beginning” includes Justin! Read on.........

“[Selena] said she wants to start things new with Justin again and act like they are a new couple and leave all of the drama and bulls**t behind,” the source explains.

Initially, Selena’s tweet was a little concerning, implying that 2013 may be Justin-free. Thankfully, the source assures us that Selena wants her relationship with Justin to be stronger than ever in 2013, and the tweet was just a way to hold Justin accountable.

The source adds, “She said 2013 is their year and they need to get back to basics. She wants to hold him to it though so she’s letting all of her followers know.”

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